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Podfic Requests & Exchanges

A Multifandom Community

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A place for people to request and exchange podfics


Contact podfic.request@gmail.com with questions

The main purpose of this community to provide a place for people to post their podfic requests and participate in podfic exchanges or givebacks. There will be theme suggestions for requests every three months, prompt-fests, and gift-exchanges.

You can participate in any or all of these ways:
• Post a podfic request. (formatting suggestions)
• Fulfill a podfic request. (formatting suggestions)
• Offer podfic, fic, graphics, or video in exchange for fulfillment of your request.

ALL FANDOMS and LANGUAGES are welcome.

General Community Rules & Posting Guidelines:

1. If you have a request for a podfic of a specific fic or you have a podfic you have recorded to fulfill a community member's request, please post it as NEW ENTRY to the community and tag it appropriately. Please refer to the suggested format as a guideline for posting.

2. There will be one longstanding General Requests post. This is where you can make general requests (e.g., “any podfic of any fic by a certain author,” “a funny J2 AU,” “something with a happy ending"). ALL REQUESTS SHOULD BE POSTED AS COMMENTS TO THIS POST. There will only be ONE General Requests post, ever, and you can make requests on it at any time.

The General Request post can always be found here.

3. We will have official Theme Posts four times a year. ALL REQUESTS INSPIRED BY THE THEME SHOULD BE POSTED AS COMMENTS TO THE THEME POST. There will only be one active Theme Post at any given time. Requests may be specific (i.e. a particular fic) or general (e.g., “a gen Angel fic in which Angel loses his soul” “an angsty sga fic” “american idol rpf").

The current Theme Post can be found here.

4. If your request is fulfilled, please modify your original request post/comment to include a link to the podfic post.

5. Fanwork exchanges (podfic, fic, graphics, etc.) are encouraged but are not obligatory. You can offer a specific exchange in your post or leave it open-ended and try to fulfill your reader’s request.

6. Non-podfic givebacks must be linked to only in the original request post/comment. Please DO NOT make separate posts for these.

7. ONE POST PER PODFIC and ONE PODFIC PER POST. Please include in your post a link to the original request post and notify the requester via a comment to that request post.

8. Multiple podfic responses to the same request are also welcome.

9. Author’s permission is required. Readers please check here, here, or contact the author directly for permission. Requesters please also take a minute to check here and here for blanket permission or the author's journal.

Suggested format for posting requests:
Title: please include link to fic
Word Count:
In Exchange: podfic/fic/graphics/video etc. (THIS IS VOLUNTARY)
Podfic: please post link to reader's podfic post in this comm if your request is filled

Suggested format for posting podfics:
Title: please include link to fic
Word Count:
Format: mp3, etc. (please include a download link here or at your journal)
Request: please post link to original request post in this comm

Please feel free to link and pimp this community and spread the podfic love!

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