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17 May 2014 @ 11:10 pm
Request: Danza Kudro  
Fandom/Genre/Pairing: fast and furious Brian/Dom  Leon/Letty implied implied Jesse /oc BDSM
Author: Miss Pychotic
Summary: BDSM Universe with some Alpha/Omega Dynamics thrown in for extra fun.
Brian is a submissive. He's struggling to cope with being an unbound Sub and is risking his health out of his stubbornness. When an undercover mission presents itself Brian is happy to throw himself in it. Until he meets his mark, Dominic Toretto, and then things really start to fall apart.
Word Count: 98255
Format: mp3, etc. (please include a download link here or at your journal)
Request: please post link to original request post in this comm

This is not my fic  but the author is willing to to give permission for it to be made into a pod fic. The author would like to know who they would have to give permission too